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Creating a presentation with Auto Content Wizard

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Powerpoint offers a variety of ways to create a new presentation. You can create a presentation by using wizard or a template. You can also create a blank presentation.

Start Auto Content Wizard

The first option in powerpoint dialog box under Create a new presentation using is the From AutoContent Wizard. The AutoContent Wizard is a guide composed of several screens that help you to create a professional presentation quickly and easily. It basically takes you through series of questions. You can choose options to create a good presentation.

The Steps to create a presentation using the AutoContent Wizard are:-

1. Select the AutoContent Wizard option from the Powerpoint dialog box.

A dialog box as shown in the figure displayed.

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The AutoContent Wizard can create 8 to 12 slides with suggested content that you can change.

2. Click on the Next Button.

A Dialog box as Shown in the Figure is displayed.

Press a category button for the type of presentation you are going to create and then select the presentation that best suits your need.

3. Select the presentation style in the Next screen as Shown

The following screen helps choose the type of output you will be using and the wizard will select the best color scheme for your presentation. You can change the look of your presentation by applying other color schemes available in the format menu.

4. Enter data into each text box and click on the Next Button.

The information entered by you will be put into the presentation be the wizard for you. You can always change this information later.

5. The next screen will end the AutoContent Wizard and in turn your presentation will be created as Shown below.

The Presentation created by the wizard for you will be seen in the Normal View as displayed in the figure below.

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